Post 16: It goes on

Its not easy to watch from 6,000 miles away,

As every-day life carries on without delay,

Students still go to class, and they still smoke their grass.

And I don”t. It goes on.

It’s not easy to watch as my friends move along,

As they meet new friends, as they sing new songs,

As they find girlfriends I won’t meet for so long,

It goes on.

I see the pictures of these friends online,

They grow more and more adjusted with the passing time,

To their new jobs, to their new cities, and to their new lives,

And I’m not there. But it goes on.

With each passing day my younger siblings grow and mature,

I’m not there to see it, I’m far from next door,

I’m not there to talk face to face, to lend a hand, to reassure,

It goes on.

At times I wonder why I left it all behind,

To chase my dream to a place where I’m told “You’re out of your mind,”

Why I left behind a life that was as wonderful as mine,

While it goes on.

But then I remember watching on the TV screens,

As they crashed into our towers and into our dreams,

As they blew themselves up in our clubs and cafés,

And took the lives of innocents away,

And then I don’t doubt that my choice was right,

That there are some things for which a man should fight,

But as right as it sounds, and as right as it feels,

To fight for my beliefs, and for my ideals,

It doesn’t make it easy to be so far away,

While all around me,

It goes on.



18 Responses to “Post 16: It goes on”

  1. Deb Feldman Says:

    Just beautiful.

  2. Andrew Feldman Says:

    Each time I read one of your posts, I am more impressed with your writing – this was no exception. What a beautiful piece.
    Everything else ‘goes on’ by the grace of those (past, present and future) willing to fight for our freedom – to be Jews and live in free societies where college students can go to class (and smoke their grass…) and college grads can pursue their dreams. We are so proud of you for your courage and commitment to stand up to those who will deny us our freedom.
    We miss you too and, of course, wish you were next door and not so far. Still, you have our unwavering support. And rest assured, even from 5000 miles away, you’ve set a very fine example for your younger siblings.
    Stay healthy and safe. We love you the most,
    Mom and Dad

  3. uncle michael Says:

    Lonely, but never alone. Sending a big hug!!!!

  4. Julie Platt Says:

    And as I have said before, thank you Corey, for fighting for me and for my children. I love you and couldn’t be more proud to be part of your life.

  5. Maria Says:

    miss you!!!

  6. Aunt Sharon Says:

    You have left me speechless (for which your cousins say thanks) and in tears. We love you and are so incredibly proud of you!

    And, for the record, when you are done with your army service, I’m sure Grandy would have told you that any (and every) nice Jewish girl would love to go out with you!

  7. marc platt Says:

    You are my hero.

  8. Media Maven Says:

    Take it from a fellow recent grad — you aren’t missing much, i promise. You live your life man, and continue to live it well, with honor and courage. We love you.

  9. Aunt Amy Says:

    amazing, Corey, thank you for including all of us in your life and deepest thoughts. We miss you and keep you close to us always.

  10. mia Says:

    Corey, your poem rules and so do you. What you’re doing is old school courageous- mean that in the best of ways. It blows my mind, brotha. You should be so proud of yourself.
    X mia

  11. Marc Schiller Says:

    You rock Corey …. Go for it. And keep on bloggin.

  12. Meema and Poppa Says:

    Darling Corey – You continue to amaze us with your eloquence and subbstance. No matter how far away, our arms enfold you, our hearts beat with yours, our love supports you. We are all so proud of your courage, strength, and resolve. Thank you for bringing such honor to all of us who can only watch and wait.

  13. NANCY Says:

    Corey, Every day you remind me more and more of your mom & dad, your writing abilities and the way you voice what you feel. You’re so mature way beyond your years. What you’re sacrificing for what you believe in is what Corey is about. Yes you’re far away and missing every day things but what you’re doing far out weighs the distance. We’re so proud of you we love you. Nancy & Paul

  14. Michael alexander Says:

    Wow. “It goes on,” is the first of your blog postings I’m reading. Beautiful. Thank you. I hope you get as much out of your blogging as clearly your family and friends do. You give us being and that’s truly a gift, which time and distance transcend. I hold you in my life in your highest purpose and intention.
    with love, Michael
    Of the Alexander clan.

  15. kileyaustinyoung Says:

    great stuff corey. great stuff.

  16. kileyaustinyoung Says:

    I am reminded of a Keroauc quote I like: “I thought of my friends from one end of the country to the other and how they were really all in the same vast backyard doing something so frantic and rushing-about.”

    We’re all in the same big backyard, don’t forget it.

  17. Wendy Sandler Says:

    We are proud to call your our friend. Just remember what Rabbi Segelman said: Fighting for Israel is the HIGHEST of all callings. You are a true mensch. Love and hugs. Sweet Wishes for a safe New Year.
    xo Sandler Family

  18. Jon beck Says:

    Nice piece Corey -jb

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